Universal Emotions at the 6th International Short Film Festival

Anand JC

Chennai, Feb 22: At the 6th Chennai International Short Film yesterday, Qube Cinema founder and film director Jayendra Panchapakesan, said that the filmmakers often lose their way in trying to capture the essence of the rationality in their films.

Talking to many young filmmakers present about how to draw in the audience into the movies, Jayendra said that the filmmakers need to tap-in on some universal emotions. “For example, when shooting a school sequence, we can show how the school kids walk to school but as soon as the bell rings they fly out of the school. It’s the same everywhere, so capture those emotions.”

“Non-sync kills the reality of film. I see a sequence without sync between the sound and the video and I look away,” Jayendra said when one film enthusiast asked what is the biggest problem in cinema nowadays.

Jayendra was present for the celebrity interaction session on the sixth day of the festival. Among the films screened was ‘The Rehabilitation’, a 12-min short film based on a middle-class family of four in a city in Tamil Nadu.

Director Navaraj S shows the family in a house engaged in their routines engrossed in gizmos. Suddenly there is a power cut and the family assembles for snacks when the father starts explaining about a ritual in his village that his grandfather had told him about. The other members listen closely but as soon as the power comes back, family goes about their routine activities, while the story remains in the dark. While the story line was fine, the sequence where the light comes back is too abrupt and fails to convey the point in a cohesive manner.

Itwaar is a 15-min film about a middle-aged man in a city plagued by health and family issues. Director Rahul Srivastava portrays how a single turn in an event can change the perspective, mood and the frame of mind of a person in to something really different. The film is shot really well and keeps the audience captivated till the end.

The Light of Life is a Bangladeshi movie about a poor handloom weaver hell bent on providing education to the other less fortunate people of Bangladesh. Akbar Ali, owner of Projonmo Night School is of the opinion that it is illiteracy which is responsible for the current state of Bangladesh.

Some other worth-watching films which were screened are Thatha’s Secret in Tamil (Indian), Good Day (Russian), Talk to me Precious in Tamil (Indian), Dreamers of Breswana in English and Hindi(Indian) and The Exchange (Turkish).

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